Younger drivers switch insurer carriers more frequently

According to the recently released DMS 2021 Auto Insurance Shopping Trends online survey, only 53% of drivers between the ages of 18-34 stick with their auto insurer for more then 5 years, compared to 74% for drivers aged 35-64. Drivers above 65 fell in-between at 68%.

The survey demonstrates the volatility of younger, more connected drivers as online tools and heavy marketing by the top brands creates greater attrition.

Younger drivers change insurance carriers more frequently

Customer service remain the key factor to create loyalty, followed by the relationship with an agent/broker, then communications and updates. Pricing and policy comparaisons were the top research factors in a Policy purchase.

Interestingly, a key differentiator between men and women was the availability of reviews during their research. 24% of female respondents cited reviews as the key decision influencer, while only 10% of men gave it the same importance.

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