Waymo reports it’s self driving technology avoided all crashes in recent simulation

Waymo, owned by the same company which owns Google, reported that it’s “Waymo Driver” technology avoided all fatal human crashes in it’s recent simulation exercise.

The simulations are based on real crashes which occurred between 2008 and 2017 in Chandler, Arizona. The exercise recreated 72 fatal crashes, of which 20 involved cyclist or pedestrians. Waymo reported that it’s technology avoided (or mitigated) all crashes except those were the self-driven vehicle was hit by behind.

Waymo is reporting that it’s software avoided all accidents in a recent simulation

Key finding include:

  • When Waymo was in the responder role, it completely avoided 82% of the simulated
  • In another 10%, Waymo successfully mitigated the severity of the crash
  • Of the remaining simulated crashes, the results were unchanged due to the vehicle being hit from behind.

The released information was not independently audited however it one of the first times a private owned organization has released their finding for review and consumption by the public.

To read the Waymo white paper https://blog.waymo.com/2021/03/replaying-real-life.html