Volvo moving 100% online, inline with 100% EV business objective

Volvo has announced that it plans to move the sales of all their luxury vehicle online only.

The ”Care by Volvo” branding will focus on improving the sales experience while targeting the premium electric market. Retailers will continue to play a crucial role, focusing their effort on “selling, preparing, delivering, and servicing cars”.

Volvo is introducing Care by Volvo and moving completely online

Care by Volvo, is a rebranding of the Volvo Cars’ subscription service and include all the key elements of vehicle ownership; such as service, warranty, roadside assistance, and insurance where available. There will also be support to provide home charging options.

The goal is to make car ownership easier without the hurdles and friction currently involved in the purchase (and maintenance) process. Shoppers will be able to quickly pick the vehicle they wish and expect quick deliveries.

This move aligns strategically with Volvo’s objective of being a 100% electric vehicle manufacturer by 2030.

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