Volkswagen to stop selling combustion based cars in Europe by 2035

Volkswagen has announced that it will stop selling combustion engines in Europe by 2035, the US and China to follow years later. South America and Africa will be even later.

Volkswagen is aiming to stop selling combustion based vehicles from Europe by 2035, rest of world by 2050, as they strive for a greener fleet

Overall, the German manufacturer has stated that they are targeting a zero emissions portfolio by 2050. Shorter term goals see 70% of vehicles sold in Europe be electric. The European Union is accelerating penalties for emission style vehicles, which has had the significant impact in seeing large investments made in modernizing vehicle technologies.

The geographical schedule is most likely due to electrification as high speed charging networks will be needed in very remote areas. A process which will require significant improvements to the power grid, a task out of the hands of the manufacturers.

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