USAA reports 200% growth in it’s SafePilot telematics program

As drivers have changed their behaviour during the pandemic, USAA has reported a 200% growth in the 4 states which it offers it the telematics program. In addition to Texas, Ohio, Arizona and Virginia, USAA is expected to aggressively market the offering to the majority of remaining states in 2021.

The SafePilot program rewards good drivers with discounts of up to 20%, a reward which might increase in 2021. By installing the SafePilot app, drivers are educated to their risk and coached to improved. Key factors including distracted driving (using your phone while driving) and agressive behaviour.

USAA has reported impressive growth of it’s SafePilot UBI product

Almost half of all new written policies in the 4 states where SafePilot. USAA reported that over 106,000 SafePilot policies were in place at the end of 2020.

Among the various key learnings, USAA states that they have seen changes in behaviour due to reduced traffic, such as driving at higher speed, however the telematics platform has facilitated safer driving.

To find out more about the program, including key learnings for 2020 visit the press release:

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