USAA advances it’s UBI strategy with purchase of Noblr

USAA has acquired San Francisco based Noblr Inc. as it continues it’s successful push to offer telematics based insurance.

USAA has announced that they will be acquiring insurtech Noblr Inc. in a move to offer usage or mileage based insurance to it’s customers

The deal, which will see all 50 of Noblr’s staff join USAA, is meant to enhance it’s telematics insurance offerings. USAA already offers behaviour based telematics insurance through it’s SafePilot product. USAA has been expanding SafePilot during the last few months and is expecting to offer the solution in all states by end of year. The Noblr acquisition will allow USAA to offer a usage based offering, one where policyholders are charged by mile driven rather than behaviour.

Mileage and usage based insurance is a logical move forward as service personnel frequently park their cars for long periods of time as they get deployed or participate in training exercises. This would allow them to save money when their vehicles are safely parked, not being used.

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