UK insurers remind drivers that pets in car and vehicle modification can null insurance

In a series of interviews with the Express, insurer are reminding drivers of a few items which may deny drivers should they get into an incidents.

First, pets. Animals need to be secured and unable to move around freely within the vehicle. Should the animal cause or increase overall damage, the insurer could deny the claim. Resulting in the driver having to pay out of hand. The simple recommendation is to ensure your pets are secured and limited were they can travel within the vehicle.

Make sure your pets are properly secured within the vehicle

Second, vehicle modifications. Owners enhancing their vehicles by modifying their suspension, adding a turbo, adding a spolier could see a similar denial when comes time to submit a claim. The risk comes in two forms; performance or cosmetic. Performance enhancement could see higher risks, greater chance of accidents, increase severity and more. Cosmetic changes could result in a vehicle being more enticing to would be thieves. The recommendation provided when it comes to enhancement is to let your insurer know. Be specific and ensure your changes are documented. It might be worthwhile to contact your insurer ahead of making these changes as it not uncommon to see premium increase well over double.

Undeclared vehicle modification can be cause future claims to be denied

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