Travelers brings it’s IntelliDrive telematics offering to Canada

The mobile application based offering will be offered to Ontario drivers, allowing users to improve their habits while potentially saving on insurance.

The app measures and coaches drivers on events such as harsh braking, speeding and distracted driving (using their phone while driving). The data is shared with Travelers in order to adjust to policyholder’s rate, should they demonstrate they are less risky then the insurer first estimated.

Insurers will see up to a 10% reduction in their premium upon enrolment and could see that discount climb to 30% in the best case scenario. Travelers offers the 5 key recommendations to maximize discounts; avoid night time driving, stay within the speed limit, accelerate and decelerate as smoothly as possible, avoid following vehicles too closely (to avoid harsh braking) and avoid using your phone during the length of your trips.

Travelers US has been experimenting with, and piloting telematics offerings since 2007 and has become one of the leading UBI insurers.

The Travelers Canada press release