Toyota ramping up it’s advanced driver-assist technology offering

Toyota announced on Thursday updated vehicles with advanced driver assistance, as it continues it’s push towards self driving vehicles.

The updated technologies will be first available on the Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai models and will bring level 2 autonomous features. Level 2 autonomous is meant to help drivers, yet keep the driver in control and responsible for all key maneuvers. Toyota outlined key new features, including lane assist (ensuring the vehicle stays within the lane), collision avoidance and intelligent cruise control (safe distance with the vehicle ahead) and lane change assist (where the vehicle will change lanes when safe, but limited to motor vehicle only roadways).

Toyota announced today Lexus and Toyota vehicles required with Advanced Drive, it’s Level 2 autonomous driving technology – image source: Toyota

The updated vehicles will also allow over-the-air “OTA” software updates, ensuring new features and possible patches when needed. The autonomous driving capabilities leverage machine learning with deep learning technologies.

The announcement follow Japan rival Honda announcement last month of their first (low production) level 3 autonomous vehicle, the updated Honda Legend.

Honda announces the update Legend with Level 3 autonomous driving

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