The evolution of car subscription sees various key players, move beyond the manufacturers

Investopedia has reviewed numerous car subscription options in the US and ranked them based on value and benefits.

Car subscriptions provide drivers with all (if not most) of the benefits of owning a vehicle within a single fee. As cars sit unused an average 95%* of the time (possibly higher during the pandemic), drivers are looking for options which can help them meet their mobility needs without all the complexity and expense associated with car ownership. Car subscriptions frequently include registration, maintenance, liability insurance, and roadside assistance making it an attractive options for many drivers.

Car Subscription models are growing in popularity and value

Investopia reviewed 20 various subscription providers to come up with their ranking. According to their analysis, these are the best options:

  • Best Overall: Hertz My Car
  • Best Value: LMP Subscriptions
  • Best for High Monthly Miles: Subscribe With Enterprise
  • Most Car Options: Fair
  • Best Sports Car Subscription: Porsche Drive
  • Best for Getting a Car Fast: Sixt+

As the number of providers grows, the number of business models increases and more individuals can see the value in subscribing over owning.

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