Tesla continuous to move autonomous driving tech away from radar

In a recent twitter exchange, Tesla’s Elon Musk announced the pending arrival of FSD 9.0.

FSD, which stands for Full-Self Driving, is Tesla’s autonomous driving platform and version 9.0 has been in beta but according to Musk could launch very soon. The new update will bring significant upgrades to “weird corner cases” (edge cases, such as unprotected left hand turns) as well as improvements in bad weather.

Tesla‘s pending 9th version of their self-driving software will drop radar, resulting in it also being dropped at vehicle manufacturing

Tesla self-driving technology has been primarily based on cameras and the latest update will drop the use of the single radar sensor include with the vehicles. Elon even stated that the radar sensor will be removed from future production as they become 100% camera based. Current production vehicles include one forward-facing radar sensor, eight cameras, and twelve ultrasonic sensors. Lidar has become a popular option for other auto manufacturers however Tesla is on record that they are not interested in adding Lidar either.

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