Supporting telematics Service providers gain and maintain a competitive advantage

Telematics Service Providers

Supporting the efforts of all Telematics Service Providers to audit and plan their offering, ensuring market differentiation and success. Supporting short and long term sales and marketing efforts. In addition, the evaluation and selection of best partners to deliver to customers.

Insurers, governments and fleet operators frequently rely on Telematics Service Providers to deliver programs, analysis, logistics and innovation. As a result TSPs need to create, research, prototype, update and audit their solution constantly to ensure it meets the needs of their customers and prospects.

In addition, not only must a Telematics Service Provider compete with dozens of other providers, they must also compete with customer’s interest, and ability, to create and manage the solution themselves.

Sample services include

Providing audits of current product offerings and portfolio

Product portfolio audit

Detailed product audits and how they align to market needs

New Product prototyping for telematics service providers

New product prototyping

Create new product prototypes, identify pilot customers

Identifying go-to-market strategies

Go-to-market strategies

Have the best strategy to deliver the highest possible return

Review of short-term and long-term roadmaps

Roadmap review

Ensure your roadmap meets short-term and long-term objectives

Perform market research and analysis

Market research and analysis

Understand the market, competitors and opportunity

Evaluate and select partners, vendors and resellers

Partner evaluation and selection

Selecting the right partner or correct supplier is key to long term success

Providing sales engineering and support for bid, RFP and RFQ opportunities

Sales opportunity support

Whether short or long term, sales opportunities require onsite and offsite expertise

Providing adhoc support to various telematics needs

Adhoc support

With significant experience and knowledge in the fields of telematics, DEL Telematics can support your needs

Telematics Service Provider solutions and support

How we can help your Telematics Service Provider objectives

DEL Telematics will support your organization’s ongoing development, product innovation and market analysis to ensure corporate direction aligns with market trends and demand forecasts.

DEL Telematics supports all Telematics Service Providers to acquire and maintain customers by improving their portfolio of products, brand recognition and overall reputation. As TSPs over their products to various customers, DEL Telematics supports their efforts within various industries though experience and knowledge:

  • Insurers (personal lines auto insurance and commercial lines auto insurance)
  • Governments (Road-usage charging [gas tax replacement], smart city projects, traffic shapping and management and more)
  • Fleet owners and operators
  • Auto manufacturers
  • Auto dealerships
  • Direct to consumers (personal telematics)