Telematics app with automatic crash detection feature saves man’s life

A Reddit contributor is sharing his experience following a potentially deadly crash involving his loader on his property in Missouri.

Mr Walker was driving his Bobcat Loader in the woods when it rolled off the road and the heavy machinery got lodged in the adjacent ravine. The accident left the driver with broken ribs and vertebrae and unable to move or exit the vehicle as all the exits were blocked. As Mr Walker awoke from the resulting blackout, he could hear an emergency dispatcher in his Bluetooth earpiece as his phone had automatically called 911 thanks to a “Car Crash Detection” feature build into the Google phone and OS. Had it not been for the feature, Mr Walker would have had to wait many hours for late return to trigger a search.

The car crash detection feature on the smartphone detected a car crash and automatically dialled 911 to potentially saved his life

The Google feature is included on the Pixel 4, 3, 5, 4a, and 4a 5G (if properly configured as the feature must be active, location tracking on, as well as activity tacking). Similar functionality is not built into Apple iOS (how a fall detect feature is available on Apple Watch products). Many higher end telematics service providers include similar functionality as part of their value-added functionality.

It has been 3 months since the incident and Mr Walker claims to be healthy and thankful for the feature.

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