Supporting tech companies offering telematics solutions

Technology providers

Entering the telematics space, providing various technologies (hardware and software) is difficult. Let experience get you there.

Tech companies creating telematics solutions is the result of the growing ease of capturing and analyzing vehicle and driver data, creating hardware, software and data telematics products. From devices meant to capture vehicle location and vehicle health information to software platforms for various consumer segments, the market is thriving.

A new interest does not result in expertise. In an industry over 20 years in the making, newcomers need to understand the past and succeed in the future.

Create the product the telematics industry needs and wants

Develop the solution the industry wants and needs. Although the vision might be powerful, the audience, market need and way to market might differ greatly from current internal processes

Review your current market position and how to upgrade to move forward

Deployed solutions need to be audited and reviewed to ensure they are delivering the best possible outcome. Frequent assessments are needed to ensure today’s success breed tomorrow’s gains.

Accelerate your successes and your long term roadmap

The perfect offering needs a properly designed action plan targeting the right audience, correct market and with an realistic forecast of revenue and market share.

Creating a product with market demand

Historical vehicle data and driver data are an extremely attractive market opportunity for tech companies creating telematics offerings. Analysis, coaching, predictions and more are all attractive offerings to the mobility (including government transportation) industry. Ensure you develop, market and deploy the best solution possible, tuned to the audience.

Supporting tech companies creating telematics product, including hardware, software and data