Rivian bringing insurance tailored to it’s technology and vehicle usage

Rivian announced Rivian Insurance this week, available through the vehicle purchase process and tailored to it’s technologies and accessories.

Rivian is an electric SUV with impressive off-road capabilities. Owners can tailor their vehicle purchases with factory camp kitchens and rooftop tents. Those items will be included in their policies. Policyholders will also be covered while off-reading.

Rivian is launching it’s insurance product, policyholders will benefit from a seamless experience with unique coverage options. Photo courtesy of Rivian.com

Rivian Insurance is being marketed as part of a complete ownership experience. The customer journey will see insurance offered at time of purchase, telematics based preventive maintenance and repair diagnosis will ensure limited down times and renewals will see pricing updates based on how frequently drivers leverages the included safe driving technologies.

The Rivian Driver+ suite to technologies, including Active Driving Assistance, improves steering, speed and safe distances and therefore can have a significant impact on risk. Drivers who engage these technologies, along with other safe driving habits, will see their rates decline. This integration of technology usage with rating is a fairly unique offering in the market.

Although best with Rivian vehicles, Rivian Insurance will also offer policies for vehicles, home, boat, camper and dirt bikes. Rivian Insurance will be available in 40 states with a goal to bring the offering in all markets where Rivian vehicles are sold.

Read the press release https://stories.rivian.com/rivian-insurance