Recent study of California EV owners show 20% switch back to gas engines

In a new study of California electric vehicle owners, 1 in 5 switched back to combustion engines due to charging hassles.

The issue remains the ability to charge vehicles, especially away from home. If no “advanced” charging stations are available, owners must recharge using standard home outlets and that can be extremely problematic. The Bloomberg reporter plugged in his Mustang Mach-E for a full hour and only added 3 miles (~4.8km) of range. Plugging the vehicle overnight only provided 36 miles (~58km).

Charging issues are affecting a small pourcentage of EV owners who are unable to fully recharge their vehicle due to infrastructure limitations

And that is the issue affecting the 20% in question. Most did not have access to the faster Level 2 charging. Level 2 charging delivers 240 volts (over the household 120 volts) but a Chevy Bolt still required 6 hours to fully charge the vehicle, providing 300 miles of driving. This charging time is what is causing many to return or resell their vehicles as they simply do not have enough time to fully or even partially recharge their vehicles between trips.

However, there are options. Superchargers deliver 480 volts and allow Tesla vehicles to be fully recharged in about an hour. Tesla has gone to great effort to offer superchargers across the world, but home chargers can be extremely expensive.

Various governments who see EVs as a way to meet their emission and pollution reduction targets are spending, subsidizing, and investing in faster charging solutions, however in the short term, EVs might need to be targeted to appropriate audiences.

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