Porsche is investing in eFuels as an alternative to EVs

Porsche is investing in alternative fuels compatible with current internal combustion engines. According to a Porsche executive, the eFuels will have the same CO2 footprint as an EV. The fuel produces less NOx and less particulates then conventional fuel. In fact, Porsche is expecting a CO2 reduction of 85%, when compared from a “well to wheel” perspective.

In addition to Porsche, Audi (same VW owner), BMW, Aston Martin, McLaren and Mazda all support the initiative and are investing in fuel alternatives themselves to help reduce emissions and deliver the vehicles their customers prefer.

Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mazda are investing in fuel alternatives

The reduction in emissions comes from the simpler composition of the synthetic fuels, which contain 8 to 10 components while fossil fuels contain 30 to 40. The eFuels are made by extracting hydrogen and capturing the fuel in liquid form with carbon dioxide.

Although the production of eFuels will require a sizeable investment from multiple parties, Porsche is expecting to deliver 130,000 litres by 2022.

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