Ontario city asking for the end of garaging address in pricing

The City of Brampton Ontario is moving forward an initiative to make it illegal for insurers to use the policyholder’s home address as part of their pricing determination.

City council in the City of Brampton, a Toronto suburb, are pushing to eliminate the use of the policyholder’s home address in insurer’s rating factors

The move comes as Brampton was once again determined to be most expensive geography in Ontario to insure a vehicle. In the latest research, the average policy in the Toronto suburb is $3,301, well above many neighbouring cities, 123% the provincial average.

The initiative dubbed “Fair Deal for Brampton” will see residents voice their displeasure to the provincial gouvernement and insurance bureau. The initiatives includes a social media hashtag campaign and a website where interested parties complete a petition to hopefully move it to policy.

The proposal is to force insurers to standardize rates across the province, with limited geographical rating options.

Read more https://www.brampton.ca/EN/City-Hall/Fair-Deal/Pages/Insurance.aspx