Norway awards Tesla owners $16,000 to compensate reduced battery capacity and charging speed

Following a software update in 2019, Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured before 2016 with 85kWh batteries, saw their range and charging speeds suffer.

Tesla will be forced to pay some Tesla owners in Norway following a 2019 software update which reduced range and charging speeds

The move, according to Tesla, was to “protect the battery and improve battery longevity”. A move similar to one taken by Apple a few years ago to also improve battery longevity. However the tactic resulted in owners losing up to 30 miles (50 km) per charge and a reduced charging rate at Tesla Supercharging stations.

Norway has become a huge market for the electric vehicle market. EVs have surpass gas powered vehicles and the popularity continues to grow. There are 10,000 Tesla vehicles within the impacted models and years, a tally which could surpass $160 million dollars in that country alone should all owner request the payment. Similar lawsuit and class actions lawsuits are starting to appear in various countries, including the US.

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