Liberty Mutual launches weather alerts platform to reduce auto damage

Leveraging Accuweather forecast data, Liberty Mutual will send text messages to it’s customers to encourage them to move their vehicles.

Liberty Mutual will offer text alerts to their customers in an effort to reduce hail damage and related claims

The free service is part of growing tread to help reduce claims rather then simply getting stuck in the “pay then raise rates” cycle. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, hail damage accounted for $2.8 million in insurance claims from 2017 to 2019. As weather event continue to increase, insurance payouts will continue to rise resulting in higher premiums. This platform is an example of measures available to leverage technology to reduce claims.

According to Liberty Mutual, 30,000 customers have already registered to receive the text alerts (as of June 15th) and 44% have stated that receiving alerts would prompt them to move their vehicle(s) to safety.

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