Dealership telematics and intelligent pricing

Intelligent Pricing

Update the price of each vehicle as frequently as wanted, based on countless events and variables

Dealership Intelligent Pricing is the first (and currently only) micro-pricing solution specific to auto dealerships. It allows dealerships and their management to update the display pricing of each vehicle based not only based on “time on lot” but dozens of other factors.

In addition, these price changes can be applied weekly, daily, even hourly. The result is faster sales, less time on lot and greater profit.

Dealership telematics foe vehicle information

Vary the tag price frequently and intelligently

Very small increases can have a large impact on profits

Making minute pricing changes under the right conditions can have a significant impact to the bottom line.

Intelligent pricing allows dealerships to think beyond “Turn to Earn”

Think beyond turn to earn

DEL Telematics leverages dozens of regional and online factors to update pricing to each vehicle

Modify price based on weather


Sunny, rainy, snowy… Leverage local weather to modify the price tag

Modify price based on seasons


Each season can help various makes and models. Leverage it!

Modify price based on time of day

Time of day

Maximize every minute of the day by pushing traffic to down times

Modify price based on day of week, close to month’s end

Day of week

Ensure every day you are open is a busy one, support end of month/quarterly objectives

Modify price based on competitive position


Leverage short and longer term competitive inventory and pricing changes

Modify price based on online activities

Local and online

Benefit from regional demand and interest. As individual show interest, modify the price tag

Modify pricing based on popularity


As overall popularity changes, change with it.

Modify pricing based on inventory elements

Inventory management

Modify pricing based on availability, time on lot, mileage…

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DEL Telematics is currently focusing the Intelligent Pricing products and services to the used car market due to the inventory variability, pricing flexibility, and the significant impact time has on the value of each vehicle. Please reach out should you wish to discuss the value proposition for new vehicle environments.