Insurance telematics allows insurers to rate individually and change behaviour

Insurance Telematics

Allow the capture of individual risk data while providing the tools for behaviour modification

Insurers are leveraging insurance telematics to better understand the individualized risk associated to each individualized driver, resulting in fairer rates for all and lower dependancies on proxy variables.

Supporting all phases of insurance telematics

Supporting the innovation, creation and development of insurance telematics, UBI and more

Innovate and

Looking to enter the telematics space or develop a new/custom solution

Review your current or past offering, determine what is needed and updated to move forward

Review and

Need to audit your current offering, make changes and update

Selecting the right partner is important. Strong roadmap, good financials, aligned vision and more


Selecting the right partner is crucial in this long-term relationships

Once the product is ready, identify the correct way forward. How to market to end users, policyholders and, brokers and agents

Focus and

Bring your go-to-market strategy forward while avoiding costly mistakes

DEL Telematics will allow you to overcome numerous obstacles and various long term decisions needed to move forward.

Innovation is key to differentiation

Insurance telematics is a significant investment which fall beyond most insurers product experience. DEL Telematics can help define, upgrade and refine your offering

Selection of the appropriate target market, such as:

  • Teenage drivers (new drivers)
  • Senior drivers
  • High risk drivers
  • Low risk drivers searching value
  • Family safety and security

Identify key partners, both internally and externally

  • Technology providers
  • Data warehousing and processing
  • Actuarial analysis
  • Logistics
  • Legal considerations
  • And more…

The do-it-yourself option

Support in the complexities of building and deploying internal offerings

DEL Telematics can help any insurer bring or update their usage-based insurance solutions to ensure a positive ROI, the best possible user experience which includes reducing risk through behavioural coaching and the addition of safety features.

Insurance Telematics offers a unique opportunity for insurers and policyholders to work together

The resulting data is greatest new asset resulting from these programs. However, processing, warehousing, analyzing and leveraging these new datasets can be a huge investment in time and money. We will work with you to ensure your solution scales with you and access is as rapid as you require.