Hyundai launching their “great coaching tool” to reduce risk and lower insurance costs

Hyundai is leveraging it’s Blue Link platform to deliver driving coaching, scores and potential insurance discounts.

The platform utilizes telematics data to calculate a weekly score. In addition, the platform provides a red/yellow/green rating for various driving elements, including; smooth driving, time of day, driving hours, speeding and driving consistency.

Hyundai is leveraging it’s Blue Link technology to improve driving and a partnership with Verisk for insurance potential discounts

Auto insurance is through their partnership with Verisk data exchange. The above calculated scores are shared with auto insurers (participating partners) for a premium based on behaviour and improving behaviour. The solution is described by Hyundai as a coaching tools which will improve driving and hopefully result in lower insurance rate.

The move follows similar offerings by a number of auto manufacturers to leverages their telematics data to deliver behaviour based insurance, including Ford and Tesla.

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