Huawei is investing $1B on auto tech, with the goal to surpass Tesla’s abilities

The Chinese tech giant has announced a US$1B investment in self-driving and electric-car technologies. The investment will allow Huawei to compete with Tesla, Xiaomi, Baidu Inc. and Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd.

Huawei has announced a significant investment into self-driving technologies along with a partnership with 3 auto manufacturers

According to current chairman Eric Xu, Huawei’s self-driving technology already surpasses Tesla’s. Huawei equipped autonomous vehicles can travel more then 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) with zero human intervention.

Huawei has already partnered with 3 local car manufacturers whom will share chairman responsibilities. As part of the partnership, the Huawei brand will be displayed on each vehicle as a sub brand. Huawei technology already appears in various cars as the company aims to be a significant player as domestic and international markets see EV growth.

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