Hartford dealership sues Tesla and the Town of East Hartford

The Hoffman Auto Group has sued the Tesla auto manufacturer along with the Town of East Hartford in the hopes of overturning a decision allowing a service center and showroom.

The town had recently approved a plan to build a service center and showroom on Connecticut Boulevard. The space will used for auto body repair, storage, offices and fast charging.

A Connecticut based auto dealership group is suing Tesla and the Town of East Hartford due to town’s approval of a showroom and repair center

The 100 year old auto group, which operates 10 dealerships across several Connecticut area, believes that the town’s decision goes against state law requiring all vehicle sales through a dealership, whether new or used. Tesla sales exclusively online, direct to consumers. This model compete directly with dealerships whom act as licensed resellers for most vehicles available on the market.

Tesla has been lobbying various state and federal agencies to allow the direct-to-consumer model and has been joined by other EV startups such as Rivian.

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