Government telematics for RUC, smart cities and more


Allow and support governmental telematics programs. Including; road-usage charging, congestion charging, traffic shaping, smart cities and more

Government smart transportation and infrastructure programs are leveraging vehicle telematics for improved city planning, road-usage charging (a.k.a. gas tax replacement, congestion charging, vehicle mileage tax – VMT, RUC…), traffic shaping and peak-hour density dispersal. In the shorter term, intelligent parking, traffic density and pattern analysis and intelligent signal light synchronization are all worth-while investments.

Government smart transportation and infrastructure

Technology within your government smart transportation and infrastructure programs will help reduce costs, reduce congestion and improve overall citizen health.

DEL Telematics will help your government evaluate, pilot and deploy various solutions, including:

  • Road-usage charging (and it’s variants)
  • Traffic strategies
  • Smart City solutions
  • Intelligent parking initiatives
  • Fleet management
  • Public transportation intelligence

Road-usage charging allows gouvernements to recoup the diminishing income from fuel taxation. Taxes which pay for roads, maintenance, public transportation and more. However, the growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles mean that a new avenue must be identified and leveraged to ensure fair taxation for use of public roads. Let DEL Telematics support your road-usage charging projects.

Traffic management strategies can significantly benefit from live vehicle and citizen data. Public and private sector partnerships can support greater peak hour road utilization. By integrating road-usage charging, insurance telematics and other tools, citizen can spend less time on the roads and governments can reduce their maintenance costs.

Smart City (smart cities) projects are integrating all aspect of infrastructure, vehicles, housing and citizens to provide the best possible experiences. Street lights which dim when no one is around, parking solutions which assign spots in advance, vehicle sharing and more.

Fleet management is an obvious, immediate potential benefit to governments. Ensuring staff drive in the safest possible, planning snow removal, auditing vehicle location during lawsuits, leveraging accelerometer data and self-reporting to identify potholes and other dangers. View our fleet telematics services offerings here.