GM’s Cruise LLC purchases autonomous-vehicle startup Voyage

Cruise’s President announced through Twitter the acquisition of Voyage, an autonomous vehicle startup, for an undisclosed amount of money.

The tweet welcomed the team to the Cruise family, a move expected to be mostly about incorporating the talent and technologies into Cruise’s existing products and roadmap. – “I’m pleased to welcome @OliverCameron & @Voyage to the @Cruise team!”

Cruise LLC advances it’s mission statement with it’s recent acquisition of Voyage, a California base autonomous vehicle innovator (photo provided by Voyage)

Cruise operates autonomous vehicles services in retirement communities on both coasts. Their Commander, Shield and Telessist platforms can be added or integrated into vehicles to create robotaxis. The result, as per Voyage is “Commander’s computer vision, prediction, and fleet learning technologies deliver that superhuman self-driving technology”.

The move continues Cruise LLC’s incredible and rapid growth within the autonomous vehicle space, backed by GM and others.

View the tweet here and Voyage’s CEO Medium post here