GM continues it’s push towards monthly recurring revenue

Since CEO Mary Barra Took over in 2014, GM has been trying to reinvent itself as not simply a car company but rather a mobility company.

GM hopes that owners will have a reason to simply make the one-time purchase of car ownership but also have a reason to purchase other (recurring) goods.

GM continues it’s effort to offer recurring revenue offerings to move beyond the single purchase relationship with it’s customers

One such example is the evolution of OnStar. Over the last few years OnStar has been expanded to offer OnStar Insurance, mobile safety app Guardian and Vehicle Insights. The latter a platform allowing greater fleet insights by corporate customers.

Another example is BrightDrop. A company developed within GM’s innovation incubator. BrightDrop will offer electric vans, required additional hardware (think charging stations), fleet management software and advanced predictive analytics. The target audience are commercial delivery firms, with FedEx potential onboard as BrightDrop’s first customer.

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