German research shows strong correlation between phone usage and other risky behaviour in young drivers

A new study of 700 young drivers in Germany (titled Smartphone Use While Driving: An Investigation of Young Novice Driver [YND] Behaviour) outlines the correlation they found between young drivers who use their phone while driving and other risky habits.

New study shows that young drivers who use their phones while driving are more likely to run red lights and drive under the influence

The study states that users who used their phones were more likely to run red lights, speed, drive aggressively in traffic and drive with under the influence.

The research discusses how those whom choose to disobey distracted driving laws are willing to take on other risky behaviour and therefore this knowledge could be used to help reduced said tendencies. The research found that young drivers touched their smartphone 1.7X per minute while driving and spend 400% more time with their eyes off the road than other drivers.

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