Ford Telematics expanding beyond Ford commercial vehicles

Ford is expanding it’s Ford Telematics platform beyond Ford vehicles, with the goal of owning the commercial business space.

Ford currently holds a 45% market share across Class 1 to Class 7 vehicles. It’s latest moves are targeted at improving fleet owner’s total cost of ownership by introducing new connected products, improving dealer services and customer support, and offering hardware and software solutions. Non Ford vehicles will be brought into the Ford Telematics platform thanks to an aftermarket OBD dongle which will read odometer, vehicle health and driving behaviour.

Ford is expanding it’s telematics platform to non Ford vehicles

Overall, driving behaviour and coaching will be enhanced throughout the platform allowing for fleet manager to review each vehicle, each driver and make decision which improves the return on investment for each vehicle. This includes having access and greater knowledge on the status of each vehicle to better plan maintenance and have instant options should a vehicle fail.

In addition, Ford expanded on it’s electric vehicle strategy, including the introduction of the electric e-Transit cargo van. The electric version has an estimated 40% lower cost of maintenance then gas-powered version.

The details were offered by Alex Purdy, Director of business operations for enterprise connectivity at Ford as part of the 2021 Work Truck Show