Ford acquires Electriphi to help EV fleets manage charging

Electriphi offers companies an ability to know the state of charge of all connected vehicles, ensuring the most efficient use of the charging network.

Ford has acquired Electriphi to support it’s move in the commercial fleet EV space, allowing customers to manage their charging networks. Photo Courtesy: Ford

Ford has acquired the Silicon Valley startup in support of it’s rebranded commercial vehicle division, Ford Pro. Commercial fleet owners are a huge business for Ford. So much so that Ford is focusing time and money to ensure the group continues to purchase their trucks. In fact, Ford also expect the segment to help the auto manufacturer’s growth. One of the key audiences for the new F150 Lightining, a fully electric version of their best selling vehicle is target to fleet operators.

Ford Pro offers fleet telematics, sales support, white glove servicing and now charging solutions. The Electriphi platform allows operators to know the status of charge of each vehicle, ensuring the smallest downtime between vehicles. This will support one of the biggest issues with EVs, the time required to “refuel” them. A process which may take hours, versus the 5 minutes required to add fuel in the ICE version of the same vehicle.

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