Seeing continued success, USAA announces insurance telematics expansion to most states

As interest continues to grow, USAA has announced that most states will have access to it’s behaviour based insurance telematics offering.

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USAA’s SafePilot program rewards safe driving behaviour with lowered insurance rates. By leveraging their mobile app, users clearly see how their driving compares to others while coaching them on how to improve (and hopefully reduce their premiums).

USAA has announced, and has begun, the expansion of it‘s SafePilot program to most states. The move follow it’s success in current states.

SafePilot is currently available in Arizona, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and expanded into South Dakota last week. USAA announced that it has seen a 200% increase in SafePilot enrolment in 2020, noting this as the key factor for it’s decision to expand throughout the country during the year.

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