Following severe crash, Tiger Woods’ SUV black box data being reviewed

Following the severe crash by the top golfer on February 23rd, police have executed a search warrant on Tiger Wood’s SUV. The download of the vehicle’s telematics is meant to help investigators piece together the events which led to the crash in the outskirts of Los Angelos.

Although the data stored by each make, model and year can differ, it is believed that the Hyundai 2021 GV80 driven by Woods contains at least the last 15 seconds before the crash of speed, RPM, pedal position and usage at time of impact and more. This is sufficient to hopefully understand if the driver was speeding, engaged in a maneuver or simply involved in a basic accident.

A search warrant has been executed on Tiger Wood’s SUV following a dangerous accident late last month. It is believe the vehicle’s Event Data Recorder can shed some light on the events which led to the crash.

Rumours circulated online that Woods was seen speeding away from a golf course not too long before the accident saw him severely injure his right leg.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly all vehicle come with Event Data Recorders (EDR or “Black Boxes”) however there is no official standard or policy regarding their availability.