Fleet tracking and asset tracking

Fleet Telematics

Leverage telematics within your fleet to ensure safe driving, track location, reduce theft and fraud and reduce cost, significantly.

Companies which operate vehicle fleets take on significant liability. It is no longer sufficient to simply react to complaints, fleet operators must leverage technology to move forward. Enter fleet telematics.

Various problematic behaviours can be overcome by logging location and analyzing any available vehicle data. The resulting reduction in risk ensures the organizations longer term financial success. This includes; agressive behaviour, speeding, illegal parking, excessive idling and more.

The result of fleet telematics is simple, reduced downtime, decreased theft and lowered chances of expensive lawsuits.

In addition, telematics can also be used to reward good drivers with various incentives, including more driving or better routes, ensure the best outcome while fostering healthy internal competition.

Fleet telematics solutions

Leveraging fleet telematics in corporate environments

DEL Telematics will support your organization’s evaluation, selection, deployment and management of a telematics solution.

Sample use cases include:

GPS tracking

Asset tracking

Location details, location history, vehicle health data, recall tracking, check engine light notifications and more

Driver coaching

Coach and educate drivers to create less risk, lower costs and reduce downtime

Fuel and cost savings

Reduce fuel usage, CO2 emissions, lower costs and maintain high possible resell value

Passenger recording

Make drivers safer and less distracted by recording and understanding passengers


Support for single purpose or feature rich integrated electronic logging device solutions.

Risk analysis

Understand and predict the risks assigned to your fleet. Predict expenses, downtime and more

Theft management

Leverage telematics to track stolen vehicles, identify problematic behaviour such as excessive idling and more

Brand management

The activities of your staff can impact your brand. Ensure their driving behaviour reflects positively

Fleet telematics solutions can be focused around the vehicle, the driver or the assets. Identify the risks, areas of improvement, and the corporate and marketing needs will ensure the best solution is selected and the longer term roadmap align with the fleet’s.

Know More

What is fleet telematics

Fleet telematics (aka fleet tracking, fleet monitoring, GPS tracking…) allow the capture of vehicle information and driver behaviour. Vehicle details include; location, speed, historical driving, route planning, engine health (check engine light, fuel levels, emissions levels…) and more. Driver details include: agression, acceleration and deceleration events, fuel economy, driver identification and more.

What are telematics in trucks

Telematics allows the capture of various vehicle and driver details and relay the information to the driver, fleet owner, insurers and others. The data is captured through build-in sensors, OBD and JBus, hardwired, smartphones and more.

What does telematics measure

Telematics within a fleet can be used to identify location, speed, azimuth, idle time, fuel level, vehicle health such as check engine light, battery levels and more. It can also allow for the calculation of how the driver is behaving, how agressive, planing routes and more.

How do I track my fleet

Fleet tracking can be accomplished through the use of telematics. Either manufacturer, after-market hardware or even smartphone applications. Which option will depend on the longer term objectives and the immediacy of the desired data.