Fake insurer fools customers into non-existing auto insurance policies

A Louisiana woman has been arrested for allegedly selling fake insurance online.

The scheme saw the accused selling non-existing insurance policies, providing fake declaration pages and (pink) insurance cards. Victims were attracted to her Facebook Marketplace ad where she was selling under the Safeway Insurance Company of Louisiana name. Those who have purchased insurance from the accused are instructed to contact the Louisiana State Police Fraud unit.

A Louisiana woman has been arrested for allegedly selling fraudulent auto insurance policies

As insurance customers continue their shopping online, for both ease-of-use and safety during the pandemic, fraudulent behaviour is expected to grow. It is recommended to confirm the qualification of your broker or agent, purchase from a reputable source, and ensure their association with the issuing insurer. A call to customer support might be lengthy but could save you time and money should something ever happen to you, your car or your family.

Read the KATC News article here https://www.katc.com/news/covering-louisiana/pineville-woman-accused-of-selling-fraudulent-auto-insurance-policies