Avoiding the Expenses of Battery Management

As vehicles continue to modernize, battery life expectancy (when not driven) continues to drop. In fact, in a number of onsite audits, over 5% of vehicles had dead batteries, and another 5% expecting to die within 72 hours.

Recharging and replacing batteries can be expensive for dealerships

It is not uncommon for dealerships to spend between $400 to $1000 a month on replacements. This does not include the wasted hours everyday for lot staff to find and charge dead batteries as they are identified.

The Additional Cost of Dead Batteries

In addition, batteries also power the alarms which help staff find vehicles. A dead battery can significantly delay test drives.

Live batteries are important to find vehicles in large lots

The result: lost sales

Telematics can monitor vehicle health over time, identified dead vehicles and even predict which vehicles will need servicing within the week.

More Questions?

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