Dealership telematics provides battery, fuel, location and engine details.

Dealership Telematics

Dealerships manage hundreds of vehicles. Leverage car info to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Auto dealerships manage large fleets, spread over multiple locations and needing to found quickly. The longer a vehicle remains unsold, the smaller the profit and greater the risk. Enter dealership telematics.

Telematics and vehicle IOT provide a number of tools to dealership owners, managers, sales personnel and support staff to act intelligently and move quickly.

Manage your dealership fleet with location, health, battery status.

Save money and time. Leverage dealership telematics to properly managing your inventory

Dealerships are changing, be ready

By connecting your inventory, be notified and plan around various details about each vehicle.

Identify the location of all vehicles in you main or secondary lots.

Location info

Know the location of each vehicle, which lot, where on the lot and more. Also identify all vehicles at specific locations. Never search for a vehicle again

Eliminate dead batteries. Prevent and replace before test drives and reduce cost of replacing dead batteries.

Battery health details

Understand the battery levels of each vehicle. Which vehicles are or will soon have “dead” batteries. Save hundreds per month!

Manage fuel across all lots. Ensure test drive vehicle have correct amount of fuel. Never be surprised.

Fuel levels

Manage and plan the fuel levels of vehicles based on location, demo status, trade preparation (save money!) and more

Intelligent pricing for dealerships allows the varying of prices based on numerous factors.

Intelligent pricing

Enable trigger based pricing. Instantly vary pricing based on demand, day-of-week, weather and more. Find out more here

Dealership telematics supports white glove service while understanding the risk and status of your fleet

White glove service

Manage the fleet of demo, shuttle and “loaner” vehicles. Offering greater “white glove” service while managing vehicle health, location and driver risk

Leverage dealership telematics to Instantly assess the condition of vehicles coming in for servicing and create long term servicing relationships

Servicing info

Provide immediate feedback to Servicing customers, enable continuous support with automatic servicing and more

Intelligent pricing

The future of profits

Nearly every industry varies pricing based on numerous factors.

Micro changes can significantly increase profits.