The benefit of location information to dealerships

The ability to find any vehicle at any time can be of tremendous value. Dealerships frequently store similar model together, but even so, it can be difficult to find the exact location. Variables such as secondary lots, test drives vehicles, improperly returned and even dead batteries (as the key fob based alarm locating is common practice) can result in vehicles requiring 30 minutes to be found.

When a customer wants to test drive a specific model and trim (sometimes even colour), finding the vehicle can take half an hour if not more
Find the specific vehicle you are looking for, in seconds

The result is simple: lost sales.

Additional Benefits of Location

With location tracking, dealerships can have vehicles ready within minutes or even ready for customers if they booked at test drive in advance. Help plan the best test drive route for each model and trim and never lose a vehicle ever again.

Find your vehicles in second and provide the autonomy test drivers are seeking.
Have test drive vehicles ready in minutes and provide the best test drive experience available

In addition, location information for demo vehicles, shuttle vehicles and even loaners can improve the overall experience and reduce liability and risk.

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