Cicada is the listed cause of a car crash in Cincinnati

Cincinnati police has said that a cicada is responsible for a single-car accident earlier this week.

The accident occurred as a cicada flew through an open window and hit the driver in the face. The vehicle then hit a utility pole, totalling the black Chevrolet. The driver only sustained minor injuries.

A Cincinnati driver veered into a utility poll after being hit in the face by a cicada. The vehicle was totalled, driver has minor injuries. Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati PD

Although this is the first cicada caused accident during this brood cycle, police are encouraging drivers to drive with their windows closed. Cicada’s continue to wreck havoc though the east coast. The White House press plane was grounded at Dulles on Wednesday due to the cicadas, while a swarm could be seen by radar over Washington DC.

Environmental obstacles are nothing new to drivers and the insurer who protect them, however this brood is expected to hit 1 trillion insects, this accident is not expected to be the last.

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