‘Canada’s Safest Driver’ contest shows promise for behaviour modification

Parachute, Desjardins Insurance and Cambridge Telematics completed their “Canada’s Safest Driver” contest in late November and the results show that average drivers returned to their pre-contest behaviours while the worse maintained sizeable improvements.

“During the first few days, risk factors were reduced by 13 per cent, but by day 28 this dropped to three per cent. By day 56, participants returned to pre-contest risk levels,” Parachute stated in their press release. However, that statement did not apply to the worse drivers as they maintained good habits and demonstrated overall reduced risk. In fact, the bottom 25% of drivers maintained a 30% reduction in risky behaviour.

The Parachute Canada’s Safest Driver contest has ended showing the benefits and challenges of telematics

During the near 2 month contest, 582 participants installed and ran the Cambridge Telematics application. The app did not have any impact on their policy or rating and therefore might have been a factor in the lost interest demonstrated in the first months.

Review the Parachute press release here https://parachute.ca/en/news-release/safer-driving-behaviours-are-hard-to-sustain-but-it-can-be-done