California begins third road-usage charging pilot with focus on rural areas

Following the approval a grant from the USDOT, the California government will begin a pilot to test the impact and complications of running a road-usage charging program (gas tax replacement) within it’s rural communities.

The $2.15 million grant from the federal government will allow Caltrans to analyze the viability of using GPS devices to properly log each road used, and associated road type. Specifically, differentiating between public and private roads.

Caltrans will begin a new RUC pilot to test ability to differentiate road ownership and confirm interstate interoperability

The technology is in response to government’s needs to replace gas tax as a funding source as vehicle electrification continues. Charging per mile driven versus gallon of fuel purchased is seen as the most probable to tax drivers for their fair use of the public system. This pilot is expected to be completed by 2023 and will investigate interstate interoperability as it works with Oregon leveraging their road-usage programs.

More information can be read on the California Road Charge site