Budweiser Canada entering the life insurance space with pending launch of Budweiser Insurance

Although currently limited to life insurance, Budweiser Canada is launching an insurance solution focused on delivering “lifestyle-based insurance”.

Budweiser will be piloting life insurance in Canada with the launch of Budweiser Insurance. Other markets and products are possible.

With the significant increase in life insurance policies, Budweiser Canada has decided to enter the space in order to deliver insurance to it’s target audiences in a move to deliver greater brand awareness and expect it’s portfolio beyond beer. Budweiser, licensed by Labatt in Canada, will see it’s product launch in the coming weeks.

Although Budweiser remains Canada’s number 1 selling beer, however Canadians tastes are evolving with the rapid growth of micro-breweries, wine and hard liquors being favoured. The move could see Labatt leverage it’s branding into new ventures, a move similar to Sony’s extremely successful move into insurance.

Budweiser Insurance could expand into the US and other countries as Canada’s market is seen as a pilot.

Read the press release https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/budweiser-canada-gets-into-the-insurance-business-this-summer-with-the-launch-of-budweiser-insurance-841902305.html

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