Arity partners with Ford – Lincoln to improve telematics insurance offering

Arity and Ford have have partnered to enhance telematics based insurance programs such as behaviour based (UBI) and mileage based (pay-per-mile) products. The partnership allows Arity to collect data without special mobile phone apps or an OBD dongle.

Telematics based insurance allows insurers to offer a more customized product, deliver individualized pricing and reward good drivers. They allow drivers to directly effect their insurance rates by being coached on their riskier behaviour and be educated on how to improve (and avoid accidents).

Arity and Ford are partnering to deliver enhanced telematics insurance

The partnership will work with recent Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with the required technologIes, a growing standard within the automotive industry.

Arity’s platform is currently connected to over 20 million vehicles and processes 2 million trips.

Press release is available here