Alleged fraud by police officer demonstrates the ongoing fraud issues in Ontario, Canada

A police officer in Toronto, Canada is allegedly facing a series of charges for staging auto accidents. This is in addition to alleged charges from last year where the officer was involved in a tow truck scheme.

According to the CBC, the officer, whom also owns a car rental, would allegedly stage accidents in order to recover payment for insurance carriers. One accomplice was reported to be a fellow officer, who has accepted a demotion.

An Ontario police officer charged in an auto insurance fraud scheme

The same officer was suspended from the force last year following an investigation into the theft of police radios. Information gathered from these radios was then sold to towing operators, for a monthly fee.

Ontario remains one of the geographies with the highest auto insurance fraud, a problem being addressed by a newly created task force. The task force hope to reduce overall crime and possibly reduce insurance premiums as a result.

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