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Leverage telematics either as a provider or user


Understand the market allowing you to define the opportunity, potential obstacles and how to measure success


Bring products or services to market by leveraging experience to define the need and create a unique hook


Accomplish and accelerate growth with your proven solution into new markets and with new products resulting in greater market presence

Telematics solutions provider

How we support your Telematics

Through experience, we help these industries to optimize and succeed!

Supporting insurance telematics, UBI, mileage and behavior modification


Supporting insurance telematics and UBI programs

Supporting road-usage charging, emissions testing, graduated licensing, smart traffic, smart parking, smart cities and more


Enabling road-usage charging, emissions testing, graduated licensing, smart cities and more

Supporting trackers, OBDii, obd2, OBD, dongles, smartphone and other vehicle data solutions

Tech Companies

Supporting companies interest to deliver telematics based products

Supporting telematics service providers audit, review, innovate, plan and accelerate their solutions and offering.


Providing review, development and innovation aligned to future growth

Supporting fleet owners, managers and operate coach, track and reward staff and drivers

Fleet Management

Facilitating the selection and implementation of various solutions

Supporting auto manufacturers and their innovation hubs create and deploy data solutions.

Auto Manufacturers

Enabling auto manufacturers to develop post manufacturing solutions

Supporting dealerships track their inventory, health of all vehicles, dead batteries, low fuel, provide maintenance solutions and provide intelligent pricing solutions.

Car Dealerships

Providing tracking, vehicle health, service and maintenance planning, intelligent pricing and more

Support the deployment of telematics based driver education. Including driver coaching and graduated licensing

Driver Education

Enabling the modernization of driver education and coaching

Experience builds results

DEL Telematics is a leading provider of product development, analysis, deployment and growth within the insurance, government, auto dealership and fleet spaces. Built on experience and ingenuity, we specialize in identifying or creating the proper products for our customers, based on corporate branding, marketing objectives, and current and future market demand. We’ve done It many times, let us do it for you.

Know more

What is vehicle telematics?

Telematics is a method of gathering information (such as location, speed, driving style and more) about the vehicle and the driver. The most common way to gather this data is through the vehicle’s build-in electronic or 3rd party aftermarket device or solution such as an OBD dongle , GPS device or smartphone application.

What are vehicle telematics used for?

Vehicle telematics are used in numerous use cases, such as: GPS navigation, asset tracking, behaviour modification (improving driving by reducing speed, agression, rapid deceleration…), vehicle health information (battery levels, engine status [check engine light], engine coolant temperature…) and various other variables.

What are telematics services?

Telematics provides various details and services to the vehicle owner, fleet manager and car manufacturers. It allows various solutions such as usage-based insurance (providing insurance based specifically on the individual’s risk versus their proxies), fleet tracking (knowing where each vehicle is located, how drivers are behaving, best routes to take, health of each vehicle), road-usage charging (charging taxes based on miles/kilometres driven versus gallons/litres of fuel purchased) and more

What does Telematics measure?

Depending on the solution, various variables can be gathered. Common elements include; speed, location, time of day, day of week, acceleration, deceleration and idle time. Other variables can include; engine status, battery health, engine coolant, azimuth (orientation), g-forces (used primarily for accident detection), vehicle identification number and more.